Cool Girl And Her Personalized Gift Story

Hi friend!

Glad to see you! It's Hazel here from Thesunnyzone. I'm the co-founder of 2 personalized product online store: Thesunnyzone and Customomo

Please let me introduce a little about myself. 

Me landing to London personalized gift
Me landing to London

Everything started when I was pursuing my bachelor's degree in London, UK. Back in 2018, I found that the handicrafts there very beautiful, unique, exquisite, yet expensive with not many choices.

 Me with Minions

Me at London with Minions☺

When I went back home I got a special gift - a personalized mug with a picture of me and my name on it! It was from my bestie Casie. I so loved it and asked her where she got that. She told me that the gift was from one of the quality factories near our hometown. That's when I found out that there were many good factories and I could cooperate with them to make personalized products! I found one factory and gave them picture samples, which was my cat Momo. Surprisingly, the ceramic ornament I received was delicate with clear printing and vivid color. And then I began to collaborate with the factory, started up Thesunnyzone and Customomo, providing good items for people all over the world.

My Cat Momo ceramic ornament

The ceramic ornament

So you may wonder what does my cat looks like?Well, I tell you she is soooo cute and sweet! And she loves grunting a lot! 

Customomo Momo


And she likes hiding!

Cat in Paper Bag

Always wanna play with paper bag


Cat Under the table

Why I think she looks like a mouse?

Ok. I guess that's too much for my cat. Let's get back to our store. We can talk more about cats later through email or DM. 

So different from most mass production factories, we focus more on designing a specific and personalized product according to customized needs. Everyone can be a designer! Everyone can design their own gift and product! We believe the unique means the most.

Located in mainland China and Hongkong, we are a group of young, dynamic, and vibrant people full of energy and enthusiasm to change how the industry goes. We believe a heart-warming present changes the world.

Most importantly, we care about how our customers think. Please feel free to contact us by any means. Your advice would be highly valued.


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